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CNG systems for carburettor vehicles

The CNG transformation, the type and the components' distribution, relating to a carburettor car, correspond with the picture below.
The CNG, coming from one or more cylinders, opportunely linked among them, through a high-pressure pipeline, on which there is a refuelling valve as well, and through an interception valve, gets the Pneumatic or electro-assisted reducers. Here, thanks to the water coming from the engine cooling plant, it is warmed and it gets a pressure reduction from around 220 bar to the engine supply one, and afterwards gets the mixer, in order to be mixed and metered with air. On the carburettor vehicles a specific "petrol solenoid valve" is charged to block the original fuel flow during the gas functioning.
The Gas-Petrol switching is managed by a changeover that also has the function of level gauges. The products needed for the carburettor car transformation are sold separately (there’s no BRC kit) so different combinations are possible, on the basis of vehicle type, installers’ choice, etc...

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