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Blitz and Just Systems

With the coming of catalytic injection vehicles, BRC started to project and trade a line of carburetion control systems for the installation on vehicles manufactured according to the anti-polluting norms (from Euro 1, in Italy since 1/1/1992). So a catalytic vehicle, in order to be converted to LPG or CNG, needs a device that could acquire and elaborate the Lambda oxygen sensor signal. This device has also the task to always obtain a perfect air/gas mixture and to manage the automatic changeover from petrol to gas.

Blitz system acts in “closed loop”, correcting in real time the air/gas mixture title according to the information coming from the Lambda oxygen sensor. As known, this sensor creates a tension signal depending on the oxygen present in the exhaust gases so that it supplies an indirect measure of mix title (poor, stoichiometric and rich).This allows the ECU to act on the actuator checking the gas flow through a suitable power stage. Blitz was exclusively conceived to only manage the actuator patented for this system so that it is not compatible at all with other types of actuators.
Besides, Blitz system manages different functions such: changeover, safety, level indication, Lambda oxygen sensor signal emulation. The function of injectors interruption and emulation can be managed by an eventual external emulator. Blitz ECU can be connected to the Diagnostic Box device which allows the system set-up and possible diagnosis through suitable bar led, Blitz system is available in different versions recognisable for the presence or absence of the functions described above.

Just system is different from the Blitz one for having an actuator equipped with step motor for the control of the gas flow, which takes the place of the classic actuator and of the adjusting screw. Moreover, it has a digital electronic ECU. ECU bases itself on a digital hardware, which use a microcontroller architecture that allows a big flexibility in the management of the input coming from the different engine sensors and a successful management of the gas installation output.
Just system was exclusively conceived to manage “Step” actuator.It consists of a step by step starter that with its movement put upright a pivot that closes the gas passage towards the mixer. The actuator movement is controlled by the engine control strategy according to the different inlet sensors. The digital system decides very quickly, so that actuator movement can guarantee a constant keeping of the correct stoichiometric ratio. Moreover, Just manages different functions such: changeover, safety, level indication, Lambda oxygen sensor signal emulation.
Interruption and emulation functions of the injectors can be managed by an eventual external emulator. This device set-up can be made both by the changeover switch and the Diagnostic Box BRC tool, and by a PC equipped with a programming and interface software.

CNG Blitz and Just Systems
The CNG, coming from one or more cylinders, opportunely linked among them, through a high-pressure pipeline, on which there is a refuelling valve as well, and through an interception valve, gets the pneumatic or electro-assisted reducers. Here, thanks to the water coming from the engine cooling plant, it is warmed and it gets a pressure reduction from around 220 bar to the engine supply one, and afterwards gets the mixer, in order to be mixed and metered with air. Instead of a simple changeover ECU, both for a functional point of view and for a law point of view, is necessary to use a carburetion control system, consisting of a control ECU and a flow actuator (Step Motor on Just). These two components, in order to be installed, must be submitted to ratification by the installation builder, in accordance to the anti-polluting norms in force.
For the vehicle front side transformation, are therefore available particular kits consisting of an electro-assisted reducer, an actuator (or Step) for gas flow control, a mixer and an electronic ECU.

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