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BRC was born in Cherasco at the end of ‘60s, as a gas systems local dealer. At the end of ‘70s Romano Bogetti, BRC owner, decided to start the production of multivalves, a component as important as hard to find on the market.

He came therefore to an agreement with Mariano and Pier Antonio Costamagna, owners of M.T.M., a little workshop founded in Cherasco in 1977: BRC trademark was officially born.

The production grown with other components and gained more and more market shares: in the ‘80s, the production of the complete range of LPG and CNG components started and in 1991 BRC brought on the market its first carburation control electronic system.

In 1992 Costamagna Brothers acquired BRC and created the M.T.M. – BRC Gas Equipment.

In 1996, BRC Gas Equipment introduced on the market the first Italian LPG and CNG gaseous injection system.

In 2001, by acquiring MTE, BRC Gas Equipment became the first Italian trademark in completing “in-house” all the know-how necessary to plan, develop and manufacture a product.

In 2002 BRC landed overseas creating the WMTM; born as a joint venture with White Martins, in 2008 BRC totally acquired it, becoming so the only owner.

In 2005 BRC started to produce CNG compressors under the brand BRC Compressors, the whole project planned and developed inside the Research & Development technical area.

In 2006 the big turning-point occurred: BRC Gas Equipment and Impco, absolute leader in USA gas fuels industrial applications, created the biggest worldwide productive pole in the ecologic fuels sector: Fuel System Solutions, holding quoted on Nasdaq, becoming so a landmark in the international scenery. 

In 2007 the BRC Gas Service project started, creating an authorized network of “BRC workshops” in order to offer more and more guarantees both to the final users and to the installers.

In 2008, in the wake of government gas subsidies, BRC further strengthened its presence in Italy and abroad opening in a few months new production plants for DOEM installation near Livorno in Italy and Błonie in Poland.

In 2009, BRC acquired the Argentine company Tomasetto Achillethat under the renewed commercial brand TA incorporated in 2010the activity of BRC Argentina further strengthening the presence of the group on the South American market and leadership on the LPG and CNG worldwide market.

The same year, BRC acquired the Canadian Fuel Maker, a company manufacturing CNG home compression systems with different flows and dimensions; after the acquisition the new brand BRC FuelMaker came to life, the business unit producing home and fleet CNG refuelling appliances.

In 2011 even the automotive branch of GFI Control Systems, a society of the American Impco, passed to BRC, while the industrial branch remained in USA. Manufacturing and warehouse, once distributed between Italy and Netherlands, have been completely moved to Cherasco.

In 2011 also the new trademark BRC Electronic Division came to life. BRC entirely integrated MTE, company of the group situated in the near town of Cavallermaggiore, producing the whole electronic components necessary to the main BRC activity, moving headquarter and production to Cherasco, in a new plant officially opened in February 2012.

At the beginning of 2012, BRC acquired the famous brand CUBOGAS from Dresser Wayne, a General Electric society specialized in manufacturing and trading CNG compressors and filling stations, allowing so MTM CNG refueling division widening its offer of products and solutions.

In 2015 the Indian branch Rohan BRC gas equipment opened near Ahmedabad a brand new manufacturing plant measuring 6000 sqm, giving work to 60 employees and manufacturing the main CNG conversion systems components in 3 assembly lines. The entire project, from development to realization of assembly lines and management information systems, has been directly followed on site by the Italian engineers.


BRC Gas Equipment is a trademark owned by M.T.M. s.r.l., an Italian company leader in manufacturing and marketing automotive LPG and CNG components and systems.

With sole distributors in more than 70 countries, a turnover 2015 amounting to 100 millions euros and more than 1,000 among co-workers and employees, BRC Gas Equipment holds in Italy a market share of roughly 24% for LPG systems and of more than 23% for CNG systems.

Well-known above all for its CNG and LPG conversion kits (500,000 yearly), during the years BRC extended its offer with new businesses: CNG home, fleet and filling stations compressors branded BRC Compressors, BRC FuelMaker and Cubogas, electronic components and systems as BRC Electronic Division, spare parts for regular auto maintenance branded BRC Car Service. BRC also appears in the racing world with as BRC Racing Team, born to develop new technologies useful for every day’s vehicles and prove strength and reliability of its components.

The main activity has always been the vehicles gas conversion, realizing the serial production of bi-fuel vehicles in many installation centres on behalf of the main automobile trademarks: Chevrolet, Citroen, Ford, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Piaggio, Subaru, Suzuki, Volvo.

Moreover, BRC always cooperated in many countries of the world with: Chevrolet, Daimler, Ford, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, MAN, Maruti-Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Gruppo PSA, Subaru, Suzuki, Volkswagen.

Research & Development Dept. has always been the BRC Gas Equipment drawing power, assuring BRC products an excellent performance and a low impact on the environment. This is the department that created the first Italian LPG and CNG gaseous injection system and the first gaseous injection system for vehicles with petrol direct supply.

Thanks to its widespread presence on territory, BRC Gas Equipment has become a landmark in Italy and abroad; its large network of dealers and workshops allows giving the final user an immediate, constant and highly qualified assistance.

The BRC Gas Service project, having morethan 500 specialized workshops, further improves the offer to the customers with a wide range of additional technical and commercial services.

Moreover, since many years, BRC Gas Equipment periodically organizes training and technical updating courses addressed to the installers.

BRC recently strengthened its presence on territory with the BRC Car Service network, already having 250 workshops specialized in the spare parts field of regular auto maintenance.

The historical plants are seated in Cherasco (Piedmont – Italy), having roughly 600 employees and a covered area of more than 50,000 sqm on 9 production areas. 


BRC is in more than 70 countries.

It holds in Italy a market share of roughly 24% for LPG systems and of more than 23% for CNG systems.

It employs, among co-workers and employees, roughly 1,000 people, all over the world.

The historical plants of Cherasco have roughly 600 employees and a covered area of more than 50,000 sqm on 9 production areas.

The turnover 2015 amounts to 100 millions euros.

It produces 500,000 kits for CNG and LPG conversion every year.

5 are the assembly lines of DOEM installation centres where serial production of bi-fuel vehicles is carried out on behalf of the main automobile trademarks.

1 Research & Development center, where compatibility between systems and car models is verified.

It employs the 10% of its own workforce in Research & Development.

Today in Italy more than 500 workshops belong to the BRC Gas Service network and 250 workshops belong to the BRC Car Service one.

It is the first in Italy in completing “in-house” all the know-how necessary to plan, develop and manufacture a product.


Basis of the BRC Gas Equipment success has been the special strategic choice – first trademark of this sector in doing it – that brought to the in-house integration of the whole know-how necessary to plan and develop every LPG and CNG conversion component such as, especially, changeover switches and carburation ECUs (electronic control unit).

Research & Development department has always been very important for the BRC Gas Equipment success; it represents roughly a 10% of workforce among technicians and engineers and is subdivided into mechanical and electronic sections. They work every day to create new systems to get better performances and assure the respect of environment, operating in the field of mechanical and electronic planning and study of prototypes, productive lines study, production industrialization and productive process engineering and technical assistance.

In confirmation of the importance given to research, in 2011, on a 4,000 Sqm surface, BRC R&D Center opened, the new research & development centre where innovative work instruments already used, such as CAD-3D drawing systems of the latest generation, laboratories for static and dynamic tests, different kind of vehicle and emission test benches equipped with modal analysis systems, converged together with the newest and most sophisticated equipment and technology came from Japan, Germany and Italy:

Even in the new plant of 6,000 sqm, where the BRC Electronic Division is situated from 2012, the investment in technology has been strong: the company has the most sophisticated SMT conventional THT/PTH technology equipment, modern automatic assembly and ICT/FCT test lines, in order to assure the best results in this field too.

Research always grows and improves. This is the reason why, in 2010, BRC decided for a new challenge: giving birth to a specific R&D area dedicated to the direct study on track of new technologies, the  BRC Racing Team, a real and complete BRC branch including professional technicians and drivers, with the aim to find new technologies for every day’s vehicles, show the equivalent performances of gas and petrol supply, and demonstrate the resistance of components regularly used for gas systems to the most extreme conditions, just as in case of races.

Target is reached. The Team makes many important débuts in the world of races, getting excellent results in different championships with a Nissan 350Z GT, 3.500 cc, 6-cyl, 350 hp, LPG monofuel, a Seat Leon LPG, the Montecarlo BRC GT W12, unique prototype created in cooperation with Montecarlo Automobile, and a LPG Swift Sport 1600 lined up at Suzuki Rally Cup.

In 2013 BRC promoted the Green Hybrid Cup, first international series with LPG-electric hybrid cars, evolution of Green Scout Cup, the Italian Championship of Alternative Energy born in 2011 thanks to the cooperation between BRC gas equipment and Kia Motors Italia, which offered the 15 Kia Venga 1.6 that run the cup. In 2016 the Championship will further develop by taking part to some races of the Italian Hill Climb Championship.

Starting from 2014, the Team also faces the Rally Italian Championship with aLPG Ford Fiesta R5, proving the high level of reliability and performance of BRC systems compared to the official petrol vehicles competing for the big car manufacturers. Giandomenico Basso, driving the car, becomes Italian vice-champion both in 2014 and 2015.


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